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Du 20 au 22 juin 2020 au Québec présenté par le Shérif Richard Mack:

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Shérifs Québec


Why should you become a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association? No other organization has assembled sheriffs, peace officers, military, veterans, citizens and elected officials who are resolute in upholding their oaths to protect the constitutional liberties of the people.  We hold our oaths sacred.

The CSPOA already has rallied thousands of people, including concerned citizens, police, sheriffs and public officials across the country who expressed the desire to join us in the Holy Cause of Liberty. Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret) founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association to unite all public servants and sheriffs to keep their word to uphold, defend, protect, preserve, and obey the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our success is forged by bringing the people together with strong constitutional sheriffs and peace officers. Across the country we are witness to a growing movement of public officials who are drawing a line in the sand. We are interposing ourselves between the sometimes overreaching government and your constitutionally guaranteed rights.  We are erecting the barriers that protect states’ rights, as spoken of by James Madison.

CSPOA membership fees and donations are used to meet the following objectives:

• Empower national and state organization leaders to carry out the mission of the organization.

• Produce educational materials to arm citizens and members with powerful educational tools.

• Fund critical campaigns essential to our goals and mission.

• Sponsor memberships of strong sheriffs and other public officials.

• Fund convention and travel expenses for organization leaders, sheriffs and peace officers.

• Maintain a system to educate sheriffs, peace officers and elected officials nationwide on the authority and responsibilities of their offices.


“The instruments by which governments must act are either the authority of the laws or force. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!”- Alexander Hamilton

We strongly feel that education is the only way that we the people can win the war against crime, terrorism, and corruption and take this country back. The sheriff is the highest elected official in the county and has the authority to stop this insanity. The County Sheriff is the upholder, defender, protector, and servant of the constitutional rights of the people.


Any person who advocates for, is or has been a member of, is or has been associated with, any organization that promotes discrimination, violence or hatred toward any person or group based on race,  nationality, or color, shall  NOT be entitled to be a member of the CSPOA. The CSPOA governing board retains sole discretion regarding membership.

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